Side Effect of Chemotherapy

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Side Effect of Chemotherapy Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide responsible for about 8.8 million death in 2016. Treatment option for cancer include chemotherapy, radiotherapy  and surgery. there are many side effects of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy:  chemotherapy destroy cancer cells by targeting rapidly dividing cells. But in […]

Side Effects of Eating Too Much Chocolate

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Side Effects of Eating Too Much Chocolate Chocolate is one of those foods, That can be staggeringly great medical advantages and reactions, especially on the stomach and the nervous and cardiovascular system. Why is chocolate bad for you?  Chocolate is delicious in test and full of wonderful benefits for many […]

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 Beauty Benefits of  Green Tea for Skin and Hair

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Beauty Benefits of  Green Tea for Skin and Hair Benefits of  Green Tea -Its rich with the antioxidants and also with nutrients that helps in improve brain functions, lower risk of cancer and help in fat loss.  Improves Skin Complexion: Green tea makes your skin healthy and improves your skin […]