जायफल के अनोखे फायदे

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जायफल Hindi name -जायफल English name – nutmeg(नट्मेग) संस्कृत नाम- जातिफल लैटिन नाम- myristica fragans स्थानीय नाम- जायफल   पहचान– लोग इसे जायफल के नाम से जानते है| यह फल गोल आकार का होता है जायफल के छाल से कुछ लाल रंग का गुच्छे के आकर का निकलता है ‘इस […]


Hormonal Acne: Causes, Types, And Treatment

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  Hormonal Acne: Causes, Types, And Treatment Acne is sometimes called hormonal acne because of the way the skin problem develops in response to hormonal changes. People with acne have Pimples- or spots or zits – of varying severity that typically affect the face. Acne is very common and treatable What is […]

hormonal balancing importance

The Importance Of Hormonal balance In Our Body

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Hormones are the most basic sense, are chemical messengers. The hormones released from the specific organs or glands of human body. That travels through the blood stream to send messages to other cells All cells that present in our body have specific hormone receptors. When balance is lost, hormone deficiencies […]