Low Blood Pressure

Amazing Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

 If  You have suffering from low blood pressure can be as dangerous as well hypertension or high blood pressure,
The normal optimal blood pressure reading is less than 120mm Hg and above 80 mm Hg.
The lack of blood flow to the heart, brain and other vital organ cause by low blood pressure
The first number indicate the systolic pressure and second number indicate. systolic pressure in the arteries when the heart beats that’s fills with blood
Diastolic pressure is the pressure that present in the arteries when the heart rests between beats.

Low blood pressure or hypotension. 
Low blood pressure indicate the lack blood flow to the heart, brain, and vital organ. When same one suddenly rises from a lying down or sitting position then blood pressure is sudden drop.
If you have been feeling the following symptom a while long time you should consult doctor.

 Headache
 Blurred vision
 Shortness of breath
 Chest pain
 Nausea
 Loss of consciousness
 Clammy skin
 Laziness
 Fainting
 Cold skin
 Thirst
 Depression
 Irritable / sourness.
These is the symptoms that be the signal for low hypertension. According to this we can imaging the it’s may be low hypertension possible.

What causes low blood pressure?
In Generally strain results from insufficient and low volume of the blood flow in the body. low blood pressure also can in some medical condition.
• In the pregnant woman body goes through massive changes. As the woman’s blood circulatory system expands, hypertension tends to fall
• Endocrine disorders like thyroid problems and low blood sugar are also responsible for low blood pressure.
• When the body loss of the fluid, dehydration is the condition the fluidity of blood lowers the volume and that result in low blood pressure.
• Decrease in the amount of blood means loss of blood in the body so ultimate result is low blood pressure.
• Heredity
• Too much fasting
• Anemia
• Diabetes
• T.B. (tuberculosis)
There are the reason why blood pressure causes.

 When you confirms that your blood pressure is low with doctor. Follow doctors advice and take medication if required. Your diet play very important role for the maintaining your blood pressure.

 We suggest some home remedies to regulate and control the low blood pressure.

Have adequate salt


For your body excess salt is harmful. Your body required moderate quantities. According to WHO, in the daily diet must contain at one teaspoon of added salt besides what you derive from natural from fruit and also vegetables.


Eat small portions frequently

You must take session in between the major meals of the all day to avoid long gape. In several times eat small portions of the day. That help in preventing the sudden drop in blood pressure.

Drink more fluids

Fluids increase blood volume and help to prevent dehydration. That’s why drink more water. That are important in the treating hypotension.
These will give you the necessary electrolytes that required to balancing the fluids in your body.

Caffeine helps

When your blood pressure low done suddenly,

then take a cup of coffee or tea that can get your circulation going.

Tea or coffee may help boost your blood pressure temporarily.



Tulsi leaves

Tulsi leaves have high level of potassium, vitamin C and magnesium that helps in regulating your blood pressure.

It also have an antioxidant called Eugenol which keeps the blood pressure in control and lower cholesterol levels. It play major role to balancing in low blood pressure.

Almond milk

Take 6-7 soaked almond overnight, peel the almond in the morning make a paste and boil them into drink.
Drink this every single day to prevent blood pressure from low blood pressure. It is quite healthy for you as it contains no saturated fat, no cholesterol so you can use it safely and it is rich in healthy fats like omega -3 fatty acids.


Take some munaka and soak it overnight. Then boil it with milk and take this drink in morning. It helps to increase vitality and blood. It also help in better circulation.
Take more salt and sugar in every day that help in low blood pressure. Take rest & sleep.
Eat green vegetable, fruits, milk, dry fruits and more water every day.


If anyone gets unconsciousness

When some one suddenly unconsciousness with low blood pressure then take 2 tablespoon amla juice and 2 tablespoon honey.

That person will get consciousness in few minutes.


Carrot juice and honey
The mix of carrot juice and honey take it every day its help you treat in low blood pressure.

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