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Health Benefit Of Sugarcane Juice(Ganne Ka Ras)


Skin Benefits:-

  • Sugarcane juice is clears skin imperfection. Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) which are the part of the natural constituents of sugarcane juice , are supposed to health and glowing skin texture. They fight acne, reduce blemishes.
  • It keeps skin hydrated.


Protect in skin aging-

  • In sugarcane juice presence of antioxidants,  phenolic and flavonoids,  compounds that makes good option to achieve  healthy, young and glowing skin
  • Sugarcane juice helps to remove the blocked skin pores by exfoliating your skin and thinning down the accumulation dead cells.


Instant Enargy Booster

  • Sugarcane juice is the one of the best source of instant energy drink. It boost our energy instantly.


Ensures safe pregnancy

  • sugarcane juice minimizes ovulating problems in woman
  • sugarcane juice contains trace amounts of folic acid or vitamin B9, it is known to protect from neural birth defects (like spina bifida)
  • rich in protein which is vital for the baby and mother to be during pregnancy . it relief from constipation and has also been proven to be quite good in averting stomach infection.
  • also it help in balancing the bilirubin levels.


Rehydrates Body

  • It rich in magnesium, calcium and other electrolytes. its helps in rehydreated body.


Prevents from Protein Loss


  • sugarcane juice is maintains the protein loss in the body and it useful for the person who suffering from the fever.


Treats Jaundice

  • sugarcane juice is very useful in treatment of jaundice, anemia. It has good amount of the iron which increase the Hb level in the human body.

It provides instant recovery in jaundice by maintaining the glucose level in our body.


Regulates Digestive System Functioning

  • It is very helpful in the well-being of the digestive system due to its high potassium levels. It prevent stomach infections and it help in keeping the digestive system in good shape and also it useful in treating the problem of constipation.



Acts As A Digestive Tonic and Treats Constipation

  • In sugarcane juice potassium present which helps to balance the pH level of our stomach and facilitates the secretion of digestive juice


Promotes Wound Healing

  • It has sucrose that is natural resource helps in wound healing
  • sugarcane juice contains sucrose , a type of sugar that helpful of healing any kind of wound in small span of time and you can also dab some sugarcane juice over the wound part of body for better result.


Prevents from Heart Diseases:-

  • sugarcane juice is prevent in heart diseases and strok. It help in decrease the level of unhealthy cholesterol.

Promotes Bone Growth

  • sugarcane juice is rich of calcium and phosphorous contents that promote the growth and development of the bones



Treats Kidney Disorders

  • It prevent kidney stone and ensure proper functioning of the kidney.



Prevents cancer:

because of alkaline by the nature sugarcane juice has high concentration of calcium, potassium,  magnesium,  manganese,  and  iron that  helps prevent diseases like cancer, that cannot survive in an alkaline environment. So it helps in fighting various types of cancer such as prostate and breast cancer.


prevent bad breath and tooth dency


sugarcane juice extremely rich of minerals that help prevent tooth decay. sugarcane juice prevent bad breath.



treat sore throat

  • sugarcane juice is the best home remedy for the                         person having sore throat flu or fever.


Help In weight loss

  • sugarcane juice reduced the bad cholesterol level in the human body and it has natural sugar so it helps in weight loss. sugarcane juice has high in soluble fiber, it aids in shedding weight.

Eliminate toxic from the body

  • sugarcane juice is help in cleansing the body and harmful toxins.


Good For Nail health


  • sugarcane juice is rich source of Alfa hydrooxy acids (AHAs). sugarcane juice is full of nutrients, so it nourishes the nails and make them healthy.


Increases muscle power

  • sugarcane juice provides natural glucose to our body necessary for maintinig the muscle power.





Help in Reducing fever

  • sugarcane juice has lots of antioxidants                                                                                                  which makes body immune system stronger.



Best time to take sugarcane juice

Accoding to ayurveda-Best time to take sugarcane juice is the afternoon, because at this when pitta dosha is prominent and it is better to avoid it at night.


In summer

  • sugarcane juice has a good cooling effect. When the BP drop dawn, the contain more sugar in balancing normal BP leval.


Some  beauty tips

  • just apply Sugarcane juice to your skin and let it dry after than wash your face with normal water, it help your skin glowing and hydrated.
  • Add it to your favourite face mask and scrub, and your skin will look more radiant and clen.




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